Web Front End

The web front end to SpendInsight is available for clients who wish to subscribe to an annual service.  Reporting can be provided on a monthly or quarterly basis for customers.

The web front end gives a rich interactive view of your data, showing purchasing history and the relationship with savings opportunities. You navigate the website by setting filter on your PO lines, specifying any combination of a date range, suppliers of interest, and NSV classes of interest.

For the PO lines in your selected filter the website shows reports on spend per supplier and spend per NSV class. You can drill right down to see the actual PO lines.

By adding one of the seven savings types to your filter you can browse by savings opportunities instead of by spend. SpendInsight identifies seven types of opportunity for potential savings:

  • Price variance, where you buy the same product from the same supplier but at different prices.
  • Price comparison, where you buy the same product but from different suppliers and at different prices.
  • Price benchmark compares purchasing performance to the other organisations participating in the SpendInsight benchmark.
  • Order consolidation shows where orders could be consolidated in order to hit price break points or save on delivery charges.
  • Contract adherence shows how well you have used your procurement contracts, showing up purchase orders that could have used a contract but did not.
  • Contract opportunity shows where hub or framework contracts are available for you to use.
  • Invoice consolidation shows suppliers generating large numbers of invoices, where sending instead consolidated invoices could make invoice processing more efficient.