Dr Virginie Ruiz

Dr Virginie Ruiz
Senior Lecturer
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After my PhD which I did in France, nothing unusual as I am French, I joined the Signal Processing Section, DEEE, Imperial College London, in 1993 having the honour of being awarded a Lavoisier grant from the French Foreign Office. Then I moved back to France where I held a 2 year position as lecturer at the School of Engineering, 'EcoleNationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs' , the ISMRA of Caen.  During those two year I kept going to Imperial every other week to deliver a course of lectures.  In 1996, with an EU Human Capital and Mobility project I moved to Greece for one year.  I worked in collaboration with the Computer Technology Institute and University of Patras. I joined the Department of Cybernetics in March 1998 as Lecturer.

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