Data Pack

Data Pack is a Microsoft Access database that contains a 12-month snapshot of your data, plus a Microsoft Excel workbook that presents detailed reports and summaries of the data in the database. The data pack can be used off-line, and the only software requirement is Microsoft Excel 2003 (or later).

The data pack presents nine reports.


shows the total PO and AP spend and the proportion of spend that went through PO.

Spend by Supplier

Shows the AP and PO spend for each supplier, the number of order lines send, and the number of invoices.

Products by Supplier

Shows the different products bought from a chosen supplier, with total PO spend against each product.

PO Lines

Shows all purchase orders raised for the selected product. This report shows the line item detail necessary to verify and substantiate the reported potential savings opportunities highlighted in the other worksheets.

Spend by eClass

Shows how purchase order spend is distributed over the eClass (level 3) classification hierarchy. For each class the report shows the total spend, number of POs, and average order value. The report starts at the top level of eClass; clicking on an eClass class lets you drill down to the second, and then the third level of eClass, focussing on the area you are interested in. At the third level of eClass you can view the 

Products by eClass

Shows the products bought in a chosen eClass, the suppliers, descriptions, and PO totals.

Internal price variance

Shows where the same product has been bought from the same supplier, but at different prices. This shows up high volume products where unit price has a dramatic effect. This also shows up low volume products which, perhaps due to infrequent ordering, have not been the subject of more rigorous procurement policy. The PO Lines report can be used to determine whether the price change is a genuine price increase, or whether purchasing has been erratic.

Contract review

shows PO spending against purchasing contracts. This shows contract adherence and contract opportunities.

Contract detail

Shows for a selected product all of the available contracts, including break quantities and unit prices.

Product benchmark

Shows where your achieved quarterly average unit price is above or below the benchmark unit price. This identifies areas of good and weak procurement.

Benchmark detail

Lets you substantiate the claims of the  product benchmarkreport by showing: quarterly volumes, quarterly average unit prices, and an (anonymised) scatter plot of all quarterly price-volume pairs for all purchasing organisations participating in the benchmark.

Custom reports

You can also make your own reports by querying the Access database directly.

Reports for multiple organisations

For NHS Trusts the data pack reports back in eClass headings, and somesample screen shots are available on the LPP website.