Having identified and quantified the areas where you have savings opportunities, in an easy and cost effective manner, the next stage is to implement a program to realise the savings.

If your organisation needs help or additional resources for the savings realisation phase we have a range of additional services and partners who can help you to maximise your cashable results.

cloudBuy Marketplace

Use the spend by supplier report in the data pack to reverse-engineer your supplier catalogues.

Create an optimised catalogue of best value items, and load it into the marketplace to ensure usage of the best deals across your requisitioners.

The cloudBuy marketplace is available as on demand software, so getting started couldn’t be easier.

Simply purchase the number of per seat licences required and get started.

Coding International

Use Coding International’s service to help you to code and classify all of your data or categories at line item level.

Much of the hard work of classification will have been done by SpendInsight, but Coding International will enrich and enhance the remainder.

Once all of your data is effectively classified, sourcing and negotiation activities will be more effective and commercially focused.

Category Management

SpendInsight provides you with the information on which categories you have the best savings opportunities.

cloudBuy can provide you with additional category management resources to help you deliver the savings.

Consultancy and Project management

You may need additional resources in the form of consultancy and or project management and we can provide trained procurement professionals to help you realise your savings.